Top Two Tips of the week from a Top Toronto Wedding Photographer - Top Toronto Wedding Venues

Congratulations!!! You're engaged!! Now what's next? Choosing the venue! There are so many choices. Church, Temple, Golf Club, Art Gallery, the beach?

Here's a few of my favourite venues.

1. Hart House 7 Hart House Cir. (at Queen’s Park Cres.), 416-946-7196

The entire University of Toronto campus is pretty spectacular. You have modern and classic architecture side by side and gardens galore. Hart House's architecture is gothic and stunning. It doesn't get much better than getting married in a castle if that was your dream as a little girl or boy. I can attest to the food being out of this world as I would frequently eat at the Great Hall many moons ago as a student of the University. This location can hold up to 250 people and has all wood flooring, perfect for dancing. Get married here and then walk around the grounds for some of the best photos you can imagine.



2. The Berkeley Church

315 Queen St. E. (at Berkeley St.), 416-361-9666

Is it hard for you to choose what you want for your wedding venue? Well The Berkeley Church has it all - it's a church, it's an outdoor venue, and it's an indoor venue. All three venues are beautiful and have a modern and romantic feel to them. Go to their website to see all the photos and options this place has to offer.



3.  Soooooo.... I couldn't really decide what art gallery to recommend because I'm pretty torn between the AGO and the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. Why so tough? Well, the Group of Seven of course. These two galleries house my favourite Canadian artists and I couldn't imagine a more spectacular place to get married.


317 Dundas St. W. (at McCaul St.), 416-979-6634

Recently renovated this building has touches of Frank Gehry's mastery. A tower that looks out onto the city, a swirling staircase and a long hall that feels like the inside of ship. Within the galleries are so many of the Thomson collection of art you really need multiple trips to see it all before being oversaturated. Art from all over the world are in the salons and there is even a space where children can interact and create their own.


McMichael Canadian Art Collection

10365 Islington Ave., Kleinburg, 905-893-1121, ext. 2536

Not only can you have outdoors and indoors at this venue, you can have it all with the most Canadian of themes. First Nation art as well as hundreds of Group of Seven works are housed here. There is in house catering and accomadates all food requests.


4. Steamwhistle Brewery

The Roundhouse 255 Bremner Blvd. 416 362 2337

If you like fun and modern weddings, it doesn't get much better than this. Steamwhistle is one of Ontario if not Canada's most well known boutique brewing company. This placed kicked off micro brews in the province and hundreds of breweries have sprung up and followed suit. The venue is the Roundhouse that has high ceilings, rap around windows, and Steamwhistle on tap. It has a rustic and modern feel and could be decorated any way you desire.



5. The Rectory Cafe

102 Lakeshore Ave., Ward’s Island, 416-203-2152

My final recommendation is The Rectory Cafe. This little gem is in a unique location in Toronto. It's on the Islands!! Ward's Island to be precise. How fabulous would it be to married on one of the most relaxing and fun places the city has with the backdrop of downtown. The venue is fairly inexpensive to rent and can accommodate about 150 people. What a romantic location that ends with a ferry ride.




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