Art, Love and 7x7 magazine - The Wedding Issue! - from a top san francisco wedding and engagement photographer

I’m just so delighted to have my work from the wedding of Remona and Gary featured on the back cover of 7x7 Magazine, the Wedding Issue!!

Alice Zhang did a short write up on Remona and Gary’s wonderful relationship and their love of museums and art. It’s a very touching story about one of my favorite couples and I learned so much more about them.

“For newlyweds Remona Ji and Gary Yao, it was a Faberge egg that brought them together: A mutual interest in a 2009 decorative egg exhibit at the Legion of Honor sparked their five-year romance..” - Alice Zhang 

Alice is an excellent writer (check out more of her work here) and I’m graciously honored that she selected one of my photos form Remona and Gary’s wedding to complement her piece.

I love this photo because it really does encapsulate the loving couple’s shared passion for art. It was such a beautiful wedding at the Crocker Art Museum, the first public art museum founded in the Western United States, now one of the leading art museums in California. We began their shoot in front of the museum with the stunning backdrop of the gorgeous modern white rounded walls. Then we headed inside the museum for portraits before their ceremony in the ballroom and reception in Friedman Court. Check out my original wedding blog post here to read more about the wonderful day.

I’m so thrilled that my photos are taking on a life of their own. It’s such a pleasure to capture the happiness and joy of a wedding and then to have that photo become an image that speaks for love in the world of Art!

Thank you Alice for the fabulous write up on the blissful couple and thank you 7x7 magazine for featuring my work.

I do love my job!!





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